2024 MLB Favorites: Who Will Dominate the Diamond This Season?

The 2023 MLB season did bring us a big surprise when the Texas Rangers managed to defeat the champion, Arizona Diamondbacks, in five games. The fact that it was their first title from their founding in 1961 made the surprise even bigger and brought a lot of joy to their fans, but the question is whether they can repeat it and win another title in the season ahead.

Although the start date of the new MLB season is approaching, there is still enough time for signing free agents, but we can make some predictions of which teams are good enough to enter the fight for the trophy. If we check the facts, we will see that only 14 teams succeeded in winning back-to-back titles, and although Rangers’ fans hope they will celebrate again this year, bookmakers do not agree, as they are not their first pick, besides a great roster.

On the other hand, a great roster is not the only fact that can affect the odds, but we all know that great players don’t necessarily make a great team. Many other things are needed, and winning a title and becoming a champion, especially in such a demanding league that MLB is, is never easy. So, if you are interested in learning more about potential winners of the next MLB season, continue reading, as we will focus more on top picks according to bookmakers.

Los Angeles Dodgers

Los Angeles Dodgers

The first team on the bookmakers’ list is the Los Angeles Dodgers, and there are many reasons for that. They are not proud of last season’s performance, but the main reason for that was the injuries and suspensions that followed them. However, one of their best players, Ohtani, took the batting training, which is surely good news and promises better results.

We can expect great matches against their rivals, the San Diego Padres, but it is not a secret that the Dodgers want much more than winning the derby matches, as their goal is winning the league and bringing the trophy home. Yes, it’s always good to beat your fiercest rivals, but the Dodgers have a much higher goal for this season.

Luckily for them, they have hitters such as Betts and Freeman in their squad and an amazing middle-of-the-lineup, which makes them competitive for the title and much closer to their goal.

Considering some of the best individual players and probably the best middle-of-the-lineup in the entire league, it is not a surprise that bookmakers give high odds to the Dodgers to win the title. However, it is up to them to avoid suspensions and injuries, or they can just watch the trophy slip out of their hands.

Atlanta Braves

Atlanta Braves

All NLB fans are aware that the Atlanta Braves were in the first place on the bookmakers’ list of favorites, but lately, they slipped into the second place. The difference in the odds is not that high, which means there is still time for them to get back in first place, and what is more important to win the league.

There are many reasons why they are in the high position, and the crucial is their roster, which is considered one of the best in the entire league. Their results and performance during the last season are also worth mentioning, as they managed to win 104 campaigns, which is an extremely good score.

They have a lot of young players who do their best and play at a high level, which is crucial for achieving great results, and it is one more thing that makes the difference between the Braves and other teams. Acuna Roland Jr. is considered the NL MVP, and the Braves have them on their roster, which increases their chances of bringing the trophy home, although they are currently the second favorite.

Houston Astros

Houston Astros v Minnesota Twins - Game Two

Houston Astros is one of the teams that all the MLB fans are aware of, and it is not a surprise that they are in the high third place for winning the league from the very beginning. Astros are considered one of the best teams, and there is no doubt that it would not be a surprise if they manage to get the trophy. Even if they don’t, one thing is sure – they will provide great matches worth watching.

The retirement of their skipper was a big blow for them, but the fact that they pretty much have the same roster as it was last year is great for them, as these players know each other well, which is great for the team chemistry that can be an extremely important factor for future performances.

Of course, it’s always good to add some ‘fresh blood’ to your team, but even with the current roster, Houston Astros pose a threat to every other team in the league. It would not be easy, but it’s not like they are huge underdogs – on the contrary, make sure to follow this team.

The bottom line

Each MLB season is interesting and tempting, and there is no doubt the next one will be too for fans from all over the globe. Betting on the winner is not an easy decision, although there is not a lot of time for making changes and signing reinforcements because even the team that is not a favorite can make a surprise and win the prestigious title.

That’s essentially what’s great about sports in general, as regardless of how big of a favorite some team is, there is always a chance for the underdog to end up victorious. That’s also why betting on sports events is so popular and exciting, as those who are really into some sport, or, in this case, baseball, can cash in their knowledge.

So, if you want to try your luck and bet on the next winner of the MLB, and this article should come in pretty handy with that, it is crucial to place a bet on a reliable website, and one of the best surely is PowerPlay.

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