Who Are the Favorites to Win the 2024 MLB World Series

With the second half of the 2024 MLB season now underway, our thoughts are starting to turn to who will win the World Series this year.

Will the Houston Astros win it again, can the Philadelphia Phillies make up for last year’s disappointment, or will another franchise claim baseball’s biggest prize this time?

Atlanta Braves

You can find odds of around +350 if you want to bet on the Atlanta Braves winning the World Series. The oldest professional sports team in the US to have a continuous history, the Braves won the first of their four World Series titles in 1914 and the last one in 2021 when they defeated the Astros.

Their 2022 season was the 152nd in their history, and the Braves ended it with more than 100 wins for the first time in two decades. However, that wasn’t enough for them to claim a second successive World Series, as they lost in four games to the Philadelphia Phillies to lose the Division Series.

Atlanta started this season strongly and became the first franchise to reach 60 wins. At the current rate, they should win about 110 games and many analysts point to them as being the best team in the MLB right now.

Expect to see them take part in the Fall Classic and it wouldn’t be a major surprise to see the Braves win another World Series after that.

Tampa Bay Rays

Tampa Bay Rays

The odds of the Rays winning the World Series are more generous, as their powerful start to the season tailed off in June. With no World Series win to date and just two AL pennants in their history, hopes are high that 2024 sees them reach new heights.

Injuries played a part in a disappointing 2022 when the Rays finished third in the division and then lost to the Cleveland Guardians in the Wild Card Series. This year, they started off with an incredible 14-0 winning streak before falling away slightly and they haven’t managed to get back to their best since the break for the All-Star game.

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Los Angeles Dodgers

Slightly further back in the odds, the Los Angeles Dodgers franchise has won the World Series seven times since they were established in 1883. Their last win came in 2020 when they beat the Tampa Bay Rays over six games for their first championship since back in 1988.

This season is the 134th for the Dodgers in major league baseball and they added players including Shelby Miller, Jake Reed, and Clayton Kershaw to their roster.

At the time of writing, they haven’t yet broken the 60-game win mark but are considered among the favorites to perform strongly in the postseason thanks to their collection of elite pitchers.

Texas Rangers

This is another MLB franchise that’s looking for their first World Series title this year and to maybe hit one of the most memorable home runs too. With a couple of AL pennants to their name and the last one coming in 2011, their fans are hoping to see the Rangers make a better attempt this season than we’ve seen from them in recent years.

2021 was a particularly bad season, as their 60-102 record was their worst in almost 50 years. This led to a major change in their recruitment plans. 2022 saw them appoint Bruce Bochy as manager, and he’s already got experience winning the World Series three times.

With the addition of Jacob deGrom on a big contract their chances looked brighter but they’re currently having to play without the injured star pitcher and are relying on rotating the free agents previously added to their roster, according to Yahoo.

Houston Astros

Houston Astros

Given their recent history, you might have expected to see the Astros further up this list of teams who might win the World Series in 2024. Yet, you can get odds of around +1000 on them winning the World Series just now. 2022 was their second championship win, with the first one coming in 2017. Since then, Dana Brown has joined as the new general manager.

The loss of pitcher Justin Verlander to the New York Mets is a blow to their hopes but Framber Valdez is proving to be a solid replacement and could win the AL Cy Young this year.

Their hopes could ultimately come down to how quickly they get Yordan Alvarez back from the injury he’s suffering from that’s mentioned here by Sportsmap, with the Cuban hitter the latest in a series of key players to miss games.

Baltimore Orioles

The Baltimore Orioles, boasting odds of +1600, are the unexpected contenders in the 2024 World Series race. With a storied history that includes three World Series titles, the Orioles have often been a team of significance in the MLB.

This season marks their notable comeback, reminiscent of their golden era in the late 1960s and early ’70s. A harmonious blend of budding talent and seasoned expertise has made them a formidable force on the diamond.

Players like Cal Ripken Jr. have left an indelible mark in the past, and now a new generation of Orioles is stepping up.

Their commendable pitching and batting have not only turned heads but also solidified their position as potential champions. As the playoffs loom, the rising odds for the Orioles underscore a growing belief in their championship potential.

Toronto Blue Jays

Toronto Blue Jays

Equally poised at +1600 odds, the Toronto Blue Jays are carving a niche this season. With two World Series titles in the early ’90s, the Blue Jays have tasted championship glory and are hungry for more.

Renowned for their powerful hitters and agile fielders, they’ve consistently delivered on the field. Legends like Joe Carter, who hit the series-winning home run in 1993, have set the bar high.

The current roster, enriched with emerging stars and experienced stalwarts like Vladimir Guerrero Jr., has been at the heart of many iconic moments this season.

Their ability to adapt and execute strategic plays sets them apart. With the playoffs on the horizon, the unwavering performance of the Blue Jays, backed by their passionate fans, positions them as serious contenders for the World Series title.

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