10 Best World Series Home Runs – 2024 Guide

One of the best parts of the MLB is when a home run is hit, and it is dramatic enough, and legendary enough to stay in the history books forever. Want to know which ones top the charts?

The MLB is a popular betting sport and MLB total wins odds of are a favorite of many MLB bettors, however, MLB is not as hardcore in betting as all other sports, but fans love it for the drama.

Here are the top 10 world series home runs, for action, drama, and record-breaking!

1. 1960, Bill Mazeroski


Mazerosky is the only walk-off home run in Game 7 of a World Series, so it has to be at the top of our list. An amusing aspect of this series is how the Yankees were winning in blowouts, but the Pirates were getting those close wins.

The Yankees ended up outsourcing them by a massive 55-27 margin, but the Pirates got a bit of magic in Game 7, and they went to take the lead which is when Mazeroski won the game and became a legend.

2. 1993, Joe Carter


Carter’s home run was the second time that a World Series would end on a walk-off home run. This happened in Game 6, though, not Game 7. That being said, the Phillies seemed very poised to force a 7th until Williams had some issues in the 9th inning.

2 runners reached the base bringing Carter to the plate. Williams may as well have fallen over as he delivered the pitch, which allowed Carter to get enough of it to swing it over the wall!

3. 1988, Kirk Gibson


Kirk Gibson limped up to the plate when he was called to pinch-hit in the bottom of the 9th inning in the first game of the World Series in 1988. After he was hurt during the NLCS he was undergoing physical therapy during the game.

Even with both legs in a lot of pain, he still managed to round the bases!

4. 1932, Babe Ruth


Babe Ruth is a legend of the MLB, and out of all his home runs, we chose this one, as this is the time he called his shot. During his at-bat in the 5th inning, he took a pitch and pointed at the bleachers, he did the same thing with each pitch after.

That’s when he took the pitch from Root and hit it right where he pointed. A legendary moment in MLB history.

5. 1991, Kirby Puckett


Puckett made an awesome catch in the third inning of the 6th game which may have actually helped Minnesota to force extra innings. The game was tied in the 11th, but Puckett hit a ball over the wall and as the ball sailed over the wall, Buck said “We’ll see you tomorrow night”

It is said that he had forced a Game 7 allowing them to win.

6. 1975, Carlton Fisk


Carbo deserves some credit as he hit a 3-run punch-hit home run in the 8th, tying the game. However, all anyone remembers from the 6th Game in this series was Fisk stepping up to the plate in the 12th inning and waving his arms in the air, as if he begged the ball to stay fair.

It was one of the most memorable walk-offs in history, even though the Red Sox lost Game 7 eventually.

7. 2011, David Freese


Freese saved the Cardinals from the 9th bottom with a triple that brought on the home-tying run. Both teams had scored and had an opportunity to win the game in the 10th, but the 6th game went into the 11th still tied, and then Freese came up.

He sent the ball over the wall and gave the Cardinals a walk-off after the Rangers got so close to sealing the whole series.

8. 1954, Dusty Rhodes


While this game is usually remembered for May’s catch, so many tend to forget that it was this catch that set up Rhodes to come off the bench and pinch-hit a home run with only 2 runners on base in the 10th.

The ball only barely stayed fair, and only just got over the wall, but Rhodes had already done enough to win. The Giants took this Game 1 win and ended up sweeping Cleveland. This was a huge favorite since they won 111 games in the regular season.

9. 1964, Mickey Mantle


The series was tied 1-1, and the third game was tied 1-1 as well, but then Mickey Mantle led off the bottom of the 9th inning. He told Howard on the deck to go back to the clubhouse because he was going to finish the game.

He kept his world and did just that with a knuckleball from Schultz that didn’t knuckle. He crushed it and gave the Yankees a win! This gave the Yankees a 2-1 win and a series lead of 2-1. However, the Cardinals still came back to win the series in the end anyway!

10. 2001, Derek Jeter


Derek Jeter gained the name ‘Mr. November’ with this home run. When Jeter stepped up to the plate, midnight struck and November arrived, and it was the first world series game to be played in November.

Jeter hit the ball the other way on his 9th pitch duel, getting it over the wall to give the Yankees a walk-off win, tying the series 2-2 in an epic moment to be remembered throughout MLB history.


There have been so many awesome World Series home runs in the MLB, it’s hard to pick the best one. Which is your favorite? And what do you expect from the 2024 World Series? We have not seen anything as awesome as some of these home runs in a while.

Maybe we are overdue an awesome home run that will go down in the history books? Whatever the case, these are the top 10 through history, fans and aspiring baseball players are certain to celebrate them and remember them with fondness and excitement alike.

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