2024 MLB Excitement: Predicting Season Favorites and Unveiling the Odds

With the surprising end of the 2024 MLB season, where Texas Rangers beat National League champion Arizona Diamondbacks in five games and won their first title since their founding in 1961, it’s time to check how things stand for the next season.

Yes, the off-season and signing of free agents is still upon us, but even now, we can clearly see and determine which teams will fight for the trophy. Interestingly, only 14 teams have ever won back-to-back MLB titles, meaning that, even though the Rangers have a great roster, they are not the first pick to do the same this season by the bookmakers.

Of course, this is just one fact that affects the odds, which is why we will further focus on this topic. So, if you are an MLB fan and sports betting enthusiast who likes betting online on MLB games, keep reading as we will discuss what to expect from the next MLB season, but if you want thorough info and tips, click here and get all the essential info and transfer rumors.

Atlanta Braves

Atlanta Braves

Even though there are four teams with pretty similar odds to go all the way this season, the Braves are considered the favorite to win the World Series this season. Namely, with the odd of just +600, it’s pretty clear that bookies give the Atlanta Braves the biggest chances to really make something great this season.

As for why, well, there are several factors, and the first and most important one is the Braves’ roster, but the overall performance during the regular season is also a huge factor. Namely, with a great 104-win campaign during the regular season, the Atlanta Braves are now a favorite by the bookmakers to win the World Series.

Understandably, the young players who perform at a high level are yet another thing that separates this team from the rest, especially considering that Atlanta Braves have NL MVP favorite Acuna Roland Jr. on their roster. All these things are enough to make it easier to understand why bookmakers give Braves the highest chance to win it all.

Los Angeles Dodgers

The second favorite, by the bookies, is the Los Angeles Dodgers, with the odds of just +700 to win the World Series. Of course, the fierce battle with the Padres in the NL West division is something that will once again mark the next Dodgers season, but their goal for the next season is much higher.

Nonetheless, the Dodgers are firm favorites to win the division and are even considered a contender to win the World Series, and the odds are there to prove this claim. Yes, the last season was the one Dodger fans would like to forget as soon as possible.

But it’s not the team that performed badly, as it’s more about the injuries and suspensions to their starting pitchers that marked LA Dodgers last season.

On the other hand, five-star hitters Freeman and Betts are still there, meaning that the Dodgers, if injuries and suspensions don’t cause trouble next season, are once again top contenders to go all the way. The Dodgers’ middle-of-the-lineup is also more than worth mentioning, as it’s probably the best in the entire league, which gives them a huge advantage against their fiercest rivals.

All things considered, these odds given by the bookmakers speak volumes about the potential of the LA Dodgers roster, but we will have to wait and see whether they could actually do better than they did last season.

Texas Rangers

Texas Rangers

According to the bookmakers, Texas Rangers is the third team on the list to win the prestigious title, and luckily for the fans, they have great odds to succeed in their mission. Of course, the fact that the odds are a little higher than for the first two teams does not mean a lot, especially for fans who believe in their favorite team, as it means they will win more money if they are right.

However, when we say that they have realistic odds of winning the title, we really mean that, and the fact they are mentioned to be one of the clubs that try to sign Ohtani just speaks for itself.

Ohtani is considered one of the best players in the world, and having him in the squad means a lot, but even if it does not end up well, they still have their chances, and the bookmakers believe they still haven’t shown all they can.

Houston Astros

Houston Astros

The fourth team we will mention in this article has identical odds to the Texas Rangers, according to bookmakers, which just makes the entire race for the title even more interesting. They are facing certain problems, like the retirement of the skipper, but they pretty much have the same roster as it was last year, which can be great for the squad as they know each other well.

MLB fans are aware of this team, as they are considered one of the best in the league, and many of them expect that they will win the prestigious title, which is also confirmed by the bookmakers that have put them in the high third position of the odd list.

The Bottom Line

The next MLB season will definitely be extremely interesting for fans from all over the globe, and it is pretty challenging to bet on the winner for many reasons.

Namely, we have described the main favorites according to bookmakers and their odds, but there are still many clubs to pay attention to.

Even those who seem to have the lowest odds of winning the prestigious title can make a big surprise and write history despite the odds and other circumstances. Speaking of history, if you are a fan of baseball and would like to learn more about it, check out our article on the history of baseball and learn something you may not know already.

One thing is certain – there is still a lot of time to make some changes and sign various reinforcements, which can change the odd list and make the entire league even more complex, so all we can do now is to wait, follow the latest news, and hope our favorites will succeed in bringing the title home.

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