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Best Baseball Bases 2024 – Reviews and Buying Guide

We play sport for a healthy lifestyle. It develops the mind keeping it fresh and active, also the body keeping it healthy and strong. Sport should be played in the right way, and we can play it the right way by acquiring all the equipment that is required.

For a baseball to be played perfectly, we need a ground, of course, baseball bat, ball, gloves, helmet, sports shoe, etc. But we think we are missing something important, oh yes, the baseball bases. Bases are something to mark the playing field of the batters. There are three bases 1st, 2nd and 3rd, which is being made of rubber or canvas. Also, there is a base for batter and pitcher.

We won’t be able to find a perfect ground to play baseball; we may have to use our backyard or some other small grounds to play baseball, where there are no markings for bases.

Best Baseball Bases Online

Hence, we use what is called baseball bases to make it more fun and real. So, let us wait no more and start exploring 5 different brands of baseball bases and decide which one to buy.

1. Thrown Down Baseball Bases by Franklin Sports

Thrown Down Baseball Bases by Franklin Sports


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Let us first begin with the Thrown Down Baseball by one of the best baseball equipment manufacturers called Franklin Sports. The material is of good quality rubber. It has three baseball bases and also one home plate where the batter bats and the pitcher’s plate. This is fantastic to play in the park, backyard, and small playgrounds. 


  1. There are 3 different types of models\colors, which are orange, white, and glow in the dark.
  2. The price is very reasonable compared to other similar products.
  3. You can rely on this for many years as they’re quite durable.
  4. No setup is required; you can just lay down the bases and start playing.
  5. You can play different games like baseball, tee-ball, and kickball too.
  6. It’s listed as #1 best seller in this category.


  1. Some users have mentioned that the rubbers came folded in the package and they’re not getting flat on the ground, even though they put pressure on it for many days.
  2. The glow for “glow in the dark” model doesn’t last for long.

2. Orange Throw Down Bases by BSN Sports

Orange Throw Down Bases by BSN Sports


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The second in the list is Orange Throw Down Bases from BSN sports; it  is made of washable and elastic rubber. The weight is around 4 pounds, and along with the bases, it has a home plate and pitcher base also. This is good to play both indoors and outdoors, on any type of flat surface. Ideal for a young player who is exploring the baseball sport.


  1. Customers have said that these can be used to play softball, tee-ball, and kickball too.
  2. They are quite heavy and hence will not blow away with the wind.
  3. The rubber used is washable; hence you can keep it clean.
  4. Around 75% of users have given a 5-Star review for this product.
  5. The rubber material isn’t slippery.


  1. The rubber color faded away in the sun.
  2. Some users said that they received the damaged or used product.

3. Baseball & Softball 5 Piece Base Set

Baseball & Softball 5 Piece Base Set

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The next in the list is the 5 Piece Base Set of Baseball and Softball by GoSports. The material used is a synthetic rubber. It has a set of 3 bases, 1 home plate, and 1 pitcher rubber. The bases fold and unfold easily so no worry of the rubber staying folded after you remove from the package. This is good for players who are learning and developing the game.


  1. The bases are rugged, and it can withstand all types of weather.
  2. Easy to set up as you have to just place the rubbers in place to start using them and playing.
  3. You can use this for baseball, softball, tee-ball, kickball, etc.
  4. The seller pledges to provide 100% user satisfaction.
  5. It is tagged under Amazon’s choice, hence its excellent quality.
  6. They fold and unfold easily, hence very flexible.


  1. Some users say that the rubbers are a little thin.

4. Throwdown Base Set by Champion Sports

Throwdown Base Set by Champion Sports

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The next in the list is Throwdown Base Set by Champion Sports, which is good for young players and kids. As same with other bases set this has 5 pieces, which comprises 3 bases 1 pitcher rubber and one home plate. This comes in orange and white colors. It can be used in playgrounds, backyard, park or any other surfaces.


  1. The bases are strong and sturdy, as compared to other products similar to this.
  2. We can use this play in different sports like softball, tee-ball, kickball, etc.
  3. The setup is very easy as you place the rubber bases where you need and start playing.
  4. It is washable and can be used during all kinds of weather.
  5. It is tagged under Amazon’s choice, hence a reliable product.


  1. Some users said that the bases they received were defective.
  2. They’re thinner as compared and seen in the pictures.

5. Kickball Set with Bases by Rukket Sports

Kickball Set with Bases by Rukket Sports

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The next and last in the list is Kickball Set with Bases by Rukket Sports. The package contains one home plate, one pitcher rubber, 3 bases, two foul line cones, 10-inch regulation kickball, and a ball bump. The product is good and appropriate for all different ages. It’s a perfect package to keep you healthy and active.


  1. Easy to use as reviewed by customers.
  2. High quality and durable, as it can withstand heavy usage.
  3. It can be used to play in the backyard, playground, and parks.
  4. Around 85% of users have given 5-star reviews.
  5. Play different games with bases, like baseball, tee-ball, etc.


  1. The balls may develop holes after little usage.
  2. The package sometimes could be damaged.

Buying Guide

When you want to buy a product, you look into different things, like quality, durability, user reviews, etc. Ans its always tough to decide which one to buy, hence we bring you some specific details, which may help you choose the right one.

Material Quality

You shouldn’t compromise when it comes to the quality of the material. The bases get dirty easily; hence you need washable ones. The rubber shouldn’t be slippery as you will be running on it and kids may fall and get injured. Also, the material should withstand all types of weather.


As always price is most important for anyone, so if you are planning to use the bases regularly, then go for the less pricy and sturdy ones. If you are looking for less frequent usage, then go for the fancy, pricey ones. 


Some have more options as they come in a package where you get kickballs, foul line cones, pump to inflate the ball, along with baseball bases. If you feel that the price is right for the options given, you can go ahead and buy them.


We brought you 5 different baseball bases sets; every one of them is quite similar to each other with the materials and built quality. It up for you now to choose which one would be the appropriate one for you. We will be glad if you get the right one you need.


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