An Informative Guide To Baseball Chants

Watching a baseball match will be more fun, enthusiastic and energetic after reading this informative guide to baseball chants.

Baseball has been a popular game for years all around the globe, including the United States. People enjoy watching baseball matches and support different teams of their choice. It’s a great outdoor enjoyment with family or friends, better than watching a sad movie! The audience yells before and during the game, referred to as baseball chants, to enjoy the game and support your team fully.

These baseball chants are organized into different classes; some are very short, while others involve long phrases; some are individual, while others are yelled in a group. The baseball enthusiasts are engaged in these chants by yelling antics to support their team and cherish it. These chants undoubtedly add excitement, joy, motivation, and energy to the game, but that’s only possible when the crowd yells the proper chant. Therefore, I came up with an informative guide to baseball chants.

An Informative Guide To Baseball Chants


There is no doubt that baseball chants add supremacy and excitement to a match, but it’s essential to learn when to do that. In other words, one cannot yell throughout the game, right? So, there must be a specific time for baseball chants which is imperative to know to be a part of the chanting crowd. Therefore, I decided to start this discussion by addressing when to do that!

Time To Do Chants

During the baseball game, actions could be changed in seconds; for instance, your team can be offensive or defensive with a blink of an eye. So, it’s essential to decide when you’re going to cheer in support of your team. Besides that, some baseball players do chants too before they move out. The audience can do baseball chants in a seventh-round stretch where every person is in motion like you can see a dance or hear chants from the crowd, similar to the Macarena!

Moreover, the chants by the crowd are also of the following different kinds: Some baseball chants are oriented to the movements or actions of players too, like if a team player makes a wrong call, then the crowd does chants. Fans do chants when their team player scores run to prompt and encourage the stamina of that player. Sometimes the crowd chants when their favourite player comes for batting to build their confidence.

So, all these chants are purposely great to enhance the enjoyment, energy, and excitement. They also support the teams and help players play with more passion and positivity. But, all this seems good only if it has been done within limits. In other words, everyone needs to be aware of etiquettes too. Some of you must be thinking, why are these chants necessary? If so, then look down there!

Are Baseball Chants Necessary?

The baseball chants play a vital role in making the game much stronger and energetic because they convey a repetitive message to the players. In a few words, the baseball chants are not just for enjoyment but are a form of expression that became a central point of the game. However, to maintain these chants, the audience must be positive and use oriented and decent phrases to encourage their team.

With the flip of a coin, the baseball chants play a role in motivating one’s team and play a wise part in demotivating others. It might put negativity and anger between the two teams and lead to fighting spirit and difficulties. In a few words, the echo of audience chants can increase the chances of winning and losing at the same pace.

However, besides those negative impacts, you can keep the baseball chants positive as an audience. In my opinion, these chants have so many medical, spiritual, and psychological benefits, like it adds enthusiasm and positive energy to the match. Therefore, it is recommended to keep the chants sweet, positive, and short and coordinate with the other audience. In this way, you’ll make the match memorable and enjoyable. Isn’t it incredible?

Examples Of Baseball Chants


In a nutshell, these chants have both positive and negative sides. It’s up to you which way you choose, but please try to be positive, sweet, and encouraging in my suggestions. Never forget to coordinate with the other audience. Let’s see some examples of baseball chants: The most popular home run baseball chant is “H O M E – That’s the place for me – We have got the bases loaded – And we are going, going, going – H O M E – Yes! That’s the place for me – You will see!”

Other examples of homerun chants are: “Homerun hitter is up to bat – If I were you I would scoot your booty back – Scoot your booty back!”, “We want a single – Just a single – S I N G L E – Single – Single – Single – We want a double – Just a little double – D O U B L E – Double – Double – Double – We want a triple – Just a little triple – T R I P L E – Triple – Triple – Triple – We want a home run – Just a little homerun – H O M E R U N – Homerun – Homerun – Homerun”.

To tune the music of Oscar Weiner song, the chant is “Ooooohhhh – Our team is the best – They never lose a match – They hit the baseball – Out of the park – And run around the base – The other teams, they see us – We scare them all away… – And that is because we are the best – Our team will win today – For your favourite pitcher: Concentrate – Pitch the ball – Make the player strike at the plate!

There are examples of cheers that are associated with teams and team players. For example, chants for the Ontario baseball team and its player Nick Arnold are “Yarn – Yarn – Yarn – Yarn.” The crowd yells this chant multiple times when Nick comes out with a bat, and he probably loves that cheer.

Some chants are different for offensive and defensive teams. Some examples of the baseball chants for the offensive side are as follows: “Be Aggressive – Be Aggressive – B E  A G G R E S S I V E!”. An example of defensive baseball team chants is “Slider – Speedy – Or even a curve – Pitch – Pitch – Pitch that ball – We don’t care how but Strike him out!”; another strikes out cheer is “Harder – Faster – Whatever it takes – When he hits that ball we want to see that bat break!”.

Some crowd chants include: “Concentrate – Pitch the ball- Make the player strike at the plate!”; “Pitchers going to walk her – Just like daddy taught her – GO DADDY GO DADDY GO – GO DADDY GO DADDY GO”; “Big G – Little O – GO – GO! – Big G – Little O – GO – GO”; “Clap – Clap – Clap – Clap – Let’s go – *Your team’s name* – Stomp – Stomp – Stomp – Stomp – Here we go – *Your team’s name*.”

You can make all those baseball chants more creative and amusing, like go with a board or matching tees to support your team. Share your ideas with your friends and family members and go in groups to enjoy a match like never before. I loved the idea of matching outfits for a baseball match when I was in college; it looks perfect!

Things To Avoid

Of course, yelling chants is a fun and energetic experience and makes your match-watching experience more amusing and memorable, but remember that these sounds can also create a ray of anger between the teams and players. Thus, it is essential to focus on encouragement, happiness, and enthusiasm rather than offence, discrimination, and bad terms. Moreover, one should not yell bad and curse words to keep the match a family watching thing!

At times, the adults also start yelling some unethical terms, which unpleasantly turn the environment. Therefore, there must be some awareness and education related to the etiquettes of baseball chants. In other words, the crowd must know the boundaries or limits of cheering phrases so that the surrounding stays fine.

Also, baseball is a common game in children, usually in schools where kids get training from school coaches and then participate in matches. To support their classmates, friends attend those games as a crowd and yell chants to motivate players. At that level, the sports council of the school must start campaigns and training for kids and adolescents regarding crowd manners.


How do you cheer at a baseball game?

You can cheer at the baseball match using chants which are short or long phrases that build up the energy, enthusiasm, energy and fun in the game. These slogans or cheers are used according to your team side, player or actions within the game. For example, if you’re with the defensive team, you yell accordingly. Moreover, there are some generic baseball chants too, like “Hit!”, “Run!”, “Score!”, “Life is a game, baseball is serious!” and many more.

What do they yell at baseball games?

In general, crowds yell baseball chants to promote their team and make their match experience more fun and amusing. These chants play a vital role in encouraging and discouraging team players accordingly. The common baseball chants are the following: “Let’s go *Your team’s name*”, “Come on, Blue” (where blue is the colour of a baseball player’s shirt), and so on. You can also create a new one and share it with your family, friends or crowd too.

What is baseball chatter?


The baseball chatters are the phrases that the fielders yell to support their team. These phrases can be short or long, sweet or bitter – depending upon the game’s situation. In general, these phrases have an intense impact on the match and can increase energy, enthusiasm and encouragement.

What does caught looking mean in baseball?

While playing any game, it is necessary to know its rules and terminologies. Similarly, you need to understand terms to watch and enjoy the match properly. On the same note, people are curious about terms like “caught looking”. The caught looking is a baseball term used to describe the condition of a batter swinging off the pitch of a baseball court.


The baseball chants play a vital role in the game by building team support and enthusiasm. Although it is not compulsory for a match to begin, they provide good support and strength to the players. A yelling crowd adds confidence to the players and increases their chance of winning, so you see, the baseball chants push the game!

Over that, some fans find those cheers annoying too, because their team is losing, but the baseball chants cannot be ignored. In a few words, removing baseball chants from the game is like eliminating the expressions and all the support. Additionally, these chants also develop a connection between the audience and team, which improves social bonding during the game.

Furthermore, the baseball chants are different depending on the game situation and the team you’re supporting. Therefore, you need to be selective and concerned about the chants you’re choosing. Also, one should yell chants in the right way, like coordinating with other people; otherwise, you might look odd. Shortly, baseball chants are important and beneficial!

“Can’t be at number two – We are going to beat – The whoopsies out of you!”

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