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Best Baseball Elbow Guard 2024 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Most of the people out there are into different kinds of sports. One of such popular sports is Baseball. Like any other game, baseball players also face certain risks. It is important that they protect themselves from some serious injuries that might occur during playing. An elbow guard is introduced exactly for this reason. During the play, there are huge chances that the batter might get hit by the ball or he might fall on the elbow.

Best Baseball Elbow Guard Online

A proper strong elbow guard protects the player from such injuries. To help you pick the best elbow guard, in this post, we are providing you with a consolidated list of best elbow guards in the market and, along with that a small buying guide for you to make a proper decision. Let us get started.

1. EvoShield PRO-SRZ Batter’s Elbow Guard


EvoShield PRO-SRZ Batter’s Elbow Guard

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The first item from our recommended list is from EvoShield. This durable elbow guard has a special technology called Gel-To-Shell technology. This technology helps the elbow guard to adapt to the player’s arm comfortably. When you initially wear this guard, it feels soft and flexible. After 30 minutes of being in the same place, it becomes hard, making it protective enough for the game. To minimize the felt impact, the surface of the shield is spread with force using dispersion technology. The guard is said to give perfect protection and has a personalized fit. You can hand wash the elbow guard, and air dries it. It is available in 5 different colours and in 2 sizes.


  • Gel-to-shell technology makes the elbow guard comfortable and adaptable to the player’s body
  • Dispersion technology for proper spread
  • Available in 5 different colours and 2 sizes
  • The elbow guard covers 9.25 inches by 6.5 inches.


  • Nothing as such

2. Mizuno Batter’s Elbow Guard


Mizuno Batter’s Elbow Guard

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Next, on our list is batters elbow guard from Mizuno. When purchasing an elbow guard, the batter must feel comfortable wearing it. Mizuno’s elbow guard is quite comfortable to wear, and it also provides the maximum protection required by the batter. It is lightweight, so you do not feel wearing it but get all the protection needed. There is a velcro strap that can be adjusted on the arm. This allows the perfect fit of the guard on the elbow. Also, there is a soft pad inside to help for protection. For adults, it is a perfect fit. There is a dryline inner lining for maximum mobility and comfort.


  • Lightweight, maximum protection elbow guard
  • Adjustable velcro strap for a perfect fit
  • Drylite inner lining on the guard


  • Some customers reported that the elbow guard is not suitable for kids.

 3. Rawlings Youth Elbow Guard


Rawlings Youth Elbow Guard

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The next elbow guard is from Rawlings. This elbow guard is a perfect size for youth. Usually, most of the elbow guards require some moulding. However, Rawlings elbow guard does not require any moulding. It has elastic straps for wearing the guard. These elastic straps are adjustable and hence, any sized arm can comfortably fit into this elbow guard. The impact shield gives more comfort to the elbow while playing. Also, it is a perfect fit. The guard can be worn by any hand according to your preference. There are 3 different colours that this elbow guard is available in.


  • Perfect elbow guard for youth
  • The elbow guard does not require any moulding
  • Adjustable straps for a perfect fit
  • Impact shield for better comfort


  • Some customers mentioned that it might be a large size for small players.

4. Bownet Form-Fitting Baseball Protective Elbow Guard


Bownet Form-Fitting Baseball Protective Elbow Guard

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The next elbow guard from our list is from Bownet. These elbow guards give maximum protection and yet are lightweight. The model of this elbow guard is hook and loop style. So, it can be worn easily and also can be adjusted with the straps. This makes it a good size for anyone. The interior of the elbow guard is soft, and the pad gives advanced protection. It is available in 3 different sizes and many customized designs and colours.


  • Lightweight elbow guard
  • Hook and loop style
  • Adjustable straps for a perfect fit
  • The soft pad gives advanced protection
  • Available in 3 different sizes and many designs


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5. Marucci Sports – Youth Elbow Guard


Marucci Sports – Youth Elbow Guard

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The last Elbow guard from our list is from Marucci Sports. This company is one of the popular brands for creating baseball accessories. It was founded by Big leaguers. This particular elbow guard is no doubt one of the best pieces to protect your elbow while playing. This is the latest 2019 model. It is designed for youth and has a bright navy blue colour to it. It comes with an adjustable strap to fit perfectly. Its design helps to safeguard the elbow with maximum protection.


  • One of the popular brands which produce quality products
  • Made in Baton Rouge
  • Comes in a youth size with bright navy blue colour
  • Adjustable straps for a perfect and comfortable fit.


  • Some customers reported about the elbow guard being too big.

Buying Guide To Choose Best Baseball Elbow Guard

G-Form Baseball Elite Batter's Elbow Guard - Product Video

After seeing the list, if you are still confused about which elbow guard to choose, do not worry, this buying guide helps you to decide on the product. Look at the below factors and go back to the list to select your best one.


The elbow movement is the most important thing that a baseball player should have. So, the material of the elbow guard is the most important factor to consider. It should provide comfort to the user after wearing it and should have a free elbow movement after wearing it. The elbow pad should be in place and be comfortable. This makes the guard durable as well. Also, check if the elbow guard material is safe with a washing machine or not. Baseball player should also use arm sleeves and cap to avoid sun tanning.


One other important factor to consider is the size of the elbow guard. Without proper size, the guard feels uncomfortable and it doesn’t serve the purpose too. The elbow guard usually ranges between mid-forearm to mid-bicep. So, you need to properly measure your hand with a tape. It is quite easy to measure the length. It is equally important not to ignore the circumference of the arm. Most of the companies mention their size charts for the customers. There are 3 categories in this – junior, senior and youth. In each category, you may find sizes from small to large. Make sure that the elbow guard has the proper size for your arm.


Colour might be the least preference for anyone; however, it does have some value. Some people prefer to match their baseball clothes with the elbow guard. So, consider all the colours that the company has to offer. 

Final Words

Now, you know the factors required to keep in mind while purchasing a baseball elbow guard. Go back to the consolidated list and now compare the items and select the one that you prefer the most. For your convenience, we have also given the pros and cons of each product and the link from where you need to purchase this.

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